Первый открытый Конкурс пианистов Московского музыкального общества

April, 2019

It’s a pleasure to greet the participants, jury-members the audience of the I Open Piano Competition of the Moscow Music Society!

The oldest academic institution of Moscow fulfills the most demanding standards of cultural enlightenment, keeping the tradition of its founders – the legendary Rubinstein brothers. In this context the laureates of the I Open Piano Competition of the Moscow Music Society саn become key players of the modern cultural scene. The rules of the competition, free in a considerable way, are meant to induce the participants to express themselves in a most appropriate way and to find those who can enchant the audience with refined interpretations and an advanced repertoire.

Wishing a bright future for the participants as well as meeting the sensations – for the listeners!

Alexander Sokolov
Chairman of the Moscow Music Society
Rector of the Moscow Conservatory
Honoured Art Worker of Russia
Александр Соколов - Председатель правления ММО

Reception of applications

Александр Соколов - Председатель правления ММО

Dear friends!

Welcome to the first piano competition, organised by the Moscow Music Society! We are willing to make it quite a particular occasion, unlike many other contests held worldwide similar one to the other. So, we decided to give an opportunity for participants aged 23 and upward, marking no upper age limit. This is for those who surpassed the conventional age limits of a competition, but did not decline the desire to deliver their artistic message through music. They are, by all means, worthy of having an extension of their performance activities, and we would be happy to help it come true.

Further on a major difference regards the totally free choice of repertoire; the participants are encouraged to express their personal favours. Your talent – be the only award criteria for the jury!

So, we are eager to hear your performance and wish you inspiration

Vladimir Tropp
Head of the Piano Department of The Moscow Music Society
Chairman of the Piano Division at The Gnessin State Music Academy
Honoured Art Worker of Russia

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